Poop versus New Parents

Every time we think she’s set a new record, she goes out and breaks it. Do they make maximum-flow diapers?

Sorry for the poop post. I promise she does more than that.

  1. thesahmmy said: we learned the rule of 3. they pooped once. then we waited for a few minutes to change because it would happen 2 more times in 4 minutes. saved a lot of diapers that way.
  2. alm-wifeandmother said: This is another reason I cloth diaper. It’s awesome. We had to use disposables before her stump fell off and had so many leaks. It was awful. I may have had 3 leaks since and she is almost 8 weeks now. Been at the cloth for almost 6.
  3. midlifecrazyman said: No… they just keep getting larger and no diaper can contain them. our son would send them all the way up his onesie and around both side to his neck. Get used to it.
  4. twilightfades said: Cloth diapers are really good for containing newborn poop. No poopsplosions for us, ever. Especially nice since you don’t have to buy 12 per day.. you buy like 24-36 and just wash them! :)
  5. bujnik said: That’s why people buy you so many onsies.
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